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The Time Travel.

Cross-culture, cross-time literary travels. Very personal approach to literature. 

Spiderweb - an update

At the beginning of my summer holidays I came up with the idea of spiderweb. Almost two months later I must admit it just does not work for me. The feeling that there is something I need to read instead of reading something I feel like reading at a given moment blocks me completely. Also, I just get bored. I do like Marias, but, starting with "A Man of Feeling", his narrators are indeed similar, thus I just need differentiation.


So, the end of the reading plans. I am just going to read whatever I want to read, and sometimes write something on that here. At the moment I am reading mostly crime stories in my native language. I am also preparing myself for my one-year Russia adventure. Stay tuned at http://russiansamovar.wordpress.com