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The Time Travel.

Cross-culture, cross-time literary travels. Very personal approach to literature. 

A spiderweb

A Heart so White (Penguin Modern Classics) - Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa All Souls - Javier Marías, John Banville Voyage Along the Horizon - Javier Marías, Kristina Cordero Written Lives - Javier Marías Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (Penguin Modern Classics) - Javier Marías When I Was Mortal - Javier Marías Your Face Tomorrow 1: Fever and Spear - Javier Marías Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream - Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell - Javier Marias The Infatuations - Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

Recently I've concluded that reading cannot be just a random activity. You cannot throw the books to the vast bag of your mind. Then they get lost, mixed up, sometimes they even get deformed and destroyed. I don't want to do that to the books I read. More importantly, I don't want to do that to my mind.


At the same time, reading is absolutely essential to fully enjoy the experience of humanity. The open-mindedness it promotes, the sensivity it gives, the reflections it encourages: these are the features that make any being a human being. However, they are quite difficult to extract from some random novels  read in any order. 


Therefore, I have decided to devise a reading plan, to set myself reading challenges, to somehow connect the books I read before I even read them. Furthermore, I have decided to write about them to make myself inwardly digest and process them. This is precisely what this blog is going to be about.


Ultimately, I aim to create a mental spiderweb of plots, characters, themes and motifs, a mental palace of literature that will always be there to make use of it. 


Let us begin. Challenge one: Javier Marias - many novels, one narrator?.